The need to have ‘drawings’ checked prior to release is a contractual requirement for many businesses. METAmidas offers an engineering drawing checking service that can be configured to suit your business; on site, remote or a mix of both. 

We have a deep knowledge of the ANSI and B.S./ISO drawing standards and draughting best practice, including the subtleties of tolerancing, limits and fits and geometric dimensioning & tolerancing. Our checking service goes beyond the rudimentary checks for simple errors like missing dimensions, spelling or non-conforming presentation, to include; tolerance relaxation, tuning and harmonising assemble requirements, using tools including; maximum material condition, least material condition and projected tolerances, in order to relax the requirement but still achieve fit, form and function. All these techniques are deployed in order to ensure the design intent is met while reducing cost of manufacture, removing scrap and reworks, negating the need for manufacturing concessions, resulting in a significant improvement in overall manufacturing profitability.