“A couple of supporting comments, firstly, Tracey stopped me in the workshop and was very positive on the course, confirming how good it was.  His supervisor, sent an e-mail reinforcing the positive nature of the comments.  The supervisor of the inspectors has also made very positive comments.  With the support of the departmental supervisors, it will be much easier to gain acceptance for the intended changes.

All round the course has been received very well (exceeding our expectations), so we can push on with the introduction and roll-out to the business.”

L.B. Bentley – Bryan Sanderson – Engineering Manager

“ We’ve all said it was an extremely useful and good course, but as stated previously, we felt 3 days would have been better.” 

Trevor Brooks- Design Engineer – Crane Building Services & Utilities

“Thanks again for the presentation, I personally found the course a great insight into how to dimension drawings correctly or at least to a better standard than we currently achieve.”

Chris Yates – Senior Design Engineer – Crane Building Services and Utilities

“The feedback has been very good so far from those I’ve spoken to, so thanks for your efforts.”

Mark Stowe – Chief Technology Officer – Theorem Solutions